Marina Zubrod - CEO Matica Cosmetics

As the founder of Matica Cosmetics, the brand is not only close to my heart - I am a part of it. The name "Matica", which means queen bee in English, reflects my Croatian roots. The ethically impeccable selection of natural ingredients from Europe and especially the animal-free production on the basis of beeswax give only the best to skin and soul.

With Matica Cosmetics I would like to say to every woman: You are a queen!
Our products supply the skin with all important nutrients and contain neither microplastics, mineral oils nor parabens. Of course we do not use any animal testing!

Idea and products were developed in my international network, which shares the same values
and preferences.
For production, distribution and marketing I use my experience
as a financial expert and management consultant, as well as a networker across national borders. I want to propagate innovation and fairness and a healthy awareness of our environment and ourselves.

Marina Zubrod