Matica Cosmetics gives you

Freedom, beauty, naturalness

Hardly anyone can find their way in the wild beauty jungle these days – after all, the danger of problem areas of the skin is threatened from all sides and expensive, supposed solutions are advertised for them.

In principle, optimal skin care is relatively uncomplicated: Because all you need is products with natural ingredients and a constant with which demonstrably great effects can be achieved.

Matica Cosmetics gives you freedom

But with our products your search has come to an end: Because with our excellent solutions for your skin beauty, you can optimally design your care routine both in the morning and in the evening without losing time: Peeling, mask and body butter give your skin all the nutrients it needs, which it needs to cope with the often extremely stressful everyday life, which can strain the skin.

Finally, you can perform the care that cleanses, builds up and supports your skin in the shortest possible time. Instead of standing in the bathroom for hours and taking care of your skin, you can now use this time for more important things: For example, for your individual leisure time, friends or family – this is how you can enjoy life!

Matica Cosmetics gives you naturalness

Our sustainable products with natural ingredients provide your skin with all the important nutrients that are supplied in particular by the miracle ingredient beeswax – one of the world`s best ingredients for stressed skin.

Handmade natural cosmetic, natural ingredients, no synthetic fabrics, no animal testing, 100% biological

Because beeswax not only contains a lot of vitamin A, but thanks to the naturally high proportion of propolis it also improves skin regeneration and supports various skin diseases

Matica Cosmetics gives you beauty

Clean skin and great wellbeing are the goals that define our products.

These aren`t only visually appealing, but also extremely effective and smell wonderful.

For example our sweet AMBROSIA or the refreshing AURORA – with all our products you can always be sure that they will make you and your bathroom an absolute highlight and will also give you a lot of fun using them.