No 33 - Haorpeeling Blackberry Jasmin

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No 33 - The best for your hair care

Matica Cosmetics Hair Scrub No.33 helps you to clean hair and a deep cleaning of head and hair. The hair peeling frees the hair from care products and silicones and cleans the scalp from dandruff and excess talc, as it can otherwise lead to malnutrition of the hair roots. The contained beeswax nourishes the hair with extremely high moisture and coats each individual hair with a fine film, which offers wonderful protection against dry cold air. Thanks to No.33 the hair looks shinier, gives a light and airy hair feel from the roots to the tips and soothes the scalp.

(1) Work a small amount into damp hair

(2) Massage the product onto the scalp and then distribute to the rest of the hair

(3) Wash out thoroughly

(4) Use care products such as shampoo, conditioner or mask as usual

(5) Use once a weekColor protection - for all hair colors and hair types

ingredients: Beeswax, fruity blueberry, valuable vegetable oils (almond oil, jasmine oil, eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil), silk protein, sea salt


We recommend using our body butter AMBROSIA daily. Apply the butter generously to all areas that you want to pamper yourself with our organic skin care and massage the body butter gently. Enjoy the silky and nourishing skin feeling all day long, as well as the fruity scent of strawberry.


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