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This set is your perfect start to your holiday or business trip. Experience a total of 90 ml of skin care and feel-good moment in this starter set, packed in a vegan leather toilet bag.

The set contains two different body butter, a face peeling, a sun butter, our men's balm and a face mask.

The body butter AMBROSIA is a unique composition of beeswax and strawberry, very rich in nutrients and with unique anti-aging effect, for lovers of fruity and soft aromas and a silky feeling on the skin.

The body butter AURORA is excellent for the daily care of all skin types, especially for tired and dry skin that needs a fresh kick.

The MAEVE moisturizing mask is a composition of beeswax and tangerine, very rich in nutrients and oils, for a silky and youthful skin.

The facial peeling PREITY combines the power of various seeds with the nurturing powers of natural oils. Thus the peeling not only cleanses the skin but also stimulates the skin's own cell production and supplies it with sufficient vitamins A, B and E.

The Men's Balsam TRUT is the right immediate help for every man.

Thanks to the tart sandalwood aroma, TRUT is the perfect day and body care for real men. Whether as face care, beard care or body cream - TRUT is what every man needs, a real all-rounder.

The sun butter KYRA is unrivalled among natural sun protection products. With a sun protection factor (SPF)of 20, KYRA is the natural cosmetic that is a true all-rounder: moisturizing body butter, sun lotion and after-sun in just one product. Of course it is without microplastics and nanoparticles and has no "whitening effect".

You really need this!

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